A Myeloma Carol: The Story of the Past, Present and Future of Myeloma, a Grands Rounds presentation from the Mount Sinai Tisch Cancer Institute

Tremendous progress has been made in improved survival and quality of life for multiple myeloma patients. Continued advancements in effective treatment options has changed the outlook for patients and physicians.

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Introduction Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma, Transplant EligiblePhase 3 Trials for Relapsed/Refractory MM
Moving Beyond the 3 Core Drug Classes
Therapies for Triple Class Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Immune Therapies in Multiple Myeloma Targeting Approach
Incidence and Management of Cytokine Release Syndrome
BCMA-Directed CAR T-Cell Therapy for Patients with Early Relapse
Common Treatment-Emergent Adverse Events
Fixed-Duration Therapy with Bispecific Cevostamab
MEK Inhibitor Repurposed for Multiple Myeloma
Triple Mark Inhibition in a V600E BRAF Mutated Multiple Myeloma Patient
Future Strategies


May 17, 2023

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Joshua Richter, MD

Joshua Richter, MD

Assistant Professor, Medicine (Hematology and Medical Oncology)
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Site Director of Myeloma Services, The Blavatnik Family – Chelsea Medical Center at Mount Sinai, Center of Excellence for Multiple Myeloma

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