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Unlocking the Mysteries of Science & Medicine:
Revolutionary Research at Mount Sinai is Changing the Lives of Patients Throughout the World


At Mount Sinai, we are relentless in our mission to overcome some of the most perplexing health and scientific problems of our time—always with an eye to the patients and communities we serve. In this issue, we offer a glimpse into how we unearth discoveries that result in better health outcomes for patients worldwide.

Intrepid researchers are delving into the human body’s deepest secrets, including those hidden in our genes and stem cells. Doctors are elevating diagnosis and treatment methods in their ultimate quest to prevent and cure diseases, such as those of the heart, pancreas, kidneys, and brain. Psychiatrists and neuroscientists are exploring bold mental health therapies, and pediatric experts are focusing on interdisciplinary research and collaborative care to fully support children and their families. Our scientists are also focused on the development of a low-cost COVID-19 vaccine that can be produced in and for developing countries.

Research, clinical care and education are hallmarks of our strength as a fully integrated health system. We are excited to enter a new era of innovation and discovery led by our brilliant students, physicians and researchers that ultimately define how we find a way.

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