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Mount Sinai Actively Recruits Volunteers From Hardest-Hit Communities for COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

WillieBenjamin Loadholt, right, undergoes a checkup from Kiwan Stewart, RN, at The Mount Sinai Hospital prior to receiving his second injection as a participant in the phase 3 clinical trial for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

As Mount Sinai participates in the Pfizer clinical trial for a COVID-19 vaccine, program leadership is actively recruiting people of color, whose communities have been hit the hardest during the pandemic. Mount Sinai has held community forums to educate people of color about the Pfizer vaccine trial. Of the more than 180 COVID-19 vaccines under development, Pfizer’s RNA vaccine is one of the furthest along in the phase 3 clinical trials taking place at Mount Sinai and other locations throughout the United States. The vaccine is based on new technology and can be produced completely in vitro, or in a laboratory.

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