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Clinical Trials for Challenging Cancer Cases at The Tisch Cancer Institute at Mount Sinai


The Tisch Cancer Institute (TCI) offers a robust portfolio of clinical trials that span multiple cancers. Developed to innovatively address treatment needs of patients at different disease stages, the trials are conducted in a regulatory-compliant and scientifically sound manner. They give options to patients with challenging disease profiles and those who have exhausted standard treatments.

In addition to providing Phase II and III trials, we also offer Phase I trials through our Early Phase Trial Unit. The Early Phase Trial Unit, under the leadership of Thomas Marron, MD, PhD, facilitates trials designed to maximize the development of cutting-edge therapies. With an emphasis on first-in-human and biomarker focused proof-of-concept studies, the Early Phase Trial Unit promotes the translation of scientific discoveries from TCI laboratories to clinical applications that may favorably impact patient outcomes. New agents may be piloted or used in novel combination with other agents; or, they may be administered in ways hypothesized to be more effective, such as injection directly into tumors.

The Early Phase Trial Unit facilitates TCI's rapid progress in cancer immunotherapy and serves as a hub for precision medicine clinical trials by fostering seamless integration of oncology, genomics, computational biology, pathology, interventional and diagnostic radiology, and medical and surgical specialties.

To access our complete portfolio of cancer clinical trials, search here by cancer type, trial phase, or investigator.

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