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Clinical Neuroscience Fellowship Explores Links Between Pregnancy Exposures and Autism Spectrum Disorders


A large body of research suggests that environmental exposures during pregnancy may be associated with autism in offspring. But those studies barely scratch the surface of the complex task of understanding the cause of autism spectrum disorders. At the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, postdoctoral fellow Vahe Khachadourian, MD, PhD, and his mentor Magdalena Janecka, PhD, are working to solve that intricate puzzle.

Dr. Janecka is an assistant professor of psychiatry and heads the Functional Epidemiology lab at the Seaver Autism Center at the school of medicine. Dr. Khachadourian was Mount Sinai’s first recipient of the National Institute of Mental Health’s T32 postdoctoral research fellowship, Training the New Generation of Clinical Neuroscientists.

With support from this prestigious fellowship and mentorship from Dr. Janecka and others at Mount Sinai, Dr. Khachadourian is helping to paint a more complete picture of the environmental exposures that affect pregnant people and their developing children.

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