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Brian Sweis, MD, PhD: A Physician-Scientist’s Approach to Psychiatry

Brian Sweis, MD, PhD, logging his clinical rounds notes while keeping an eye on the mice in his latest experiment.

The past few decades have seen a surge in neuroscience breakthroughs, but translating those findings into better outcomes for patients has been slow and, in some cases, non-existent. Neuroscientists who train as clinicians can narrow that interdisciplinary divide.

Brian Sweis, MD, PhD, a second-year psychiatry resident and post-doctoral researcher at The Mount Sinai Hospital, is learning that discoveries in the lab can help inform how psychiatrists conceptualize the biology underlying complex emotions.

Dr. Sweis anticipates that as he continues to grow as a budding psychiatrist, the connections between his research and clinical experience will help him better bridge the worlds of science and medicine.

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