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2020 Ophthalmology Anniversary Chair Report

2020 Ophthalmology Anniversary Chair Report

The Department of Ophthalmology at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai (NYEE) proudly celebrates its bicentennial anniversary as America’s first eye specialty hospital. Our talented faculty and scientists continue to break new ground in patient care, ophthalmic research, and innovation. We are honored to share the 2020 anniversary issue of the Specialty Report highlighting our history, research breakthroughs, patient success stories, and advances in the field of ocular disease and vision research.

Feature stories include:
• Celebrating the Life of an Iconoclast: America’s First Black Ophthalmology and ENT Specialist
• Message from Department of Ophthalmology Leadership
• NYEE Warmly Welcomes the Newest Addition to Its Staff: A Robot
• The Secret World of Ocular Melanocytes Revealed
• NYEE’s Trauma Team Works Its Magic On a Patient’s Eye-Shattering Injury
• Macrophage-Like Cell Imaging Opens a Bold New Window on Retinal Disease
• Reimagining Telemedicine for a New Era of Patient Care
• Vascular Dysregulation Emerges as Central Issue in Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma
• Years Spent in the Sun May Cause More Than Skin Damage
• In Search of a Biological Link Between a Low-Carbohydrate Diet and Glaucoma
• A New Eye Drop Regimen for Macular Holes May Spare Patients Intrusive Surgery
• Retinal Metabolic Imaging Reveals Functional Signals Preceding Structural Alterations in Disease
• 3D Simulator Takes Ophthalmoscopy Instruction From the Dark Age to the Digital Age
• Largest Residency Training Program in U.S. Is Reinventing Its Approach to Education
• Attacking Hydroxychloroquine-Related Retinal Degeneration at Its Source
• First-Time Parents Brave COVID-19 Fears to Get Their Infant Emergency Treatment
• Innovative AI Prediction Models Provide Early Alert System for Eye Disorders
• Translational Imaging Techniques Could Change How We Treat Retinal Disease
• Surgical Management of Submacular Hemorrhage Offers New Hope to Patients
• Seeding the Future of Ophthalmology
• Department of Ophthalmology at a Glance
• Faculty News

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