December 17th CCC LIVE: Complex Coronary

December 17th CCC LIVE: Complex Coronary

Tune in on December 17th at 8:00 AM (EST) to watch a complex coronary case broadcast LIVE from The Mount Sinai Hospital Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory.

Case and Plan

OCT Guided PCI of Calcified LAD Bifurcation using 2-Stent + OA

67-year-old male controlled NIDDM, presented with CCS Class I angina and positive stress echo for multi vessel ischemia. A Cardiac Cath on August 9, 2019 revealed 3 V CAD: calcified 80% mid LAD and D2 bifurcation, 70% distal LAD, CTO mid RCA and CTO proximal LCx, SYNTAX Score of 38 with moderate systolic LV dysfunction. After Heart discussion patient declined CABG and high risk multi staged PCI of all 3 vessels for complete revascularization was planned. Patient initially underwent successful PCI of LCx (3 Synergy DES) and then one month later PCI of RCA (3 Synergy DES). Patient is now planned for OCT guided PCI of LAD/D2 bifurcation using dedicated 2-stent technique after orbital atherectomy.


December 17, 2019

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